General Manger

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Responsibilities and Requirements

  • Key responsibility:

The candidate will be responsible for leading the business operations and will drive the strategy to grow our business, our sales, distribution network and services, our market share in Iraq.

  • Key result areas:

Development and implementation of the business strategy and plan - with a focus on creating and developing opportunities for trading of our brands, value propositions, distribution and communications. KPIs will include sales revenues/EBITDA/net profit, customer & revenue market share, and churn/loyalty.


  • You must have an impressive track record in driving sales and launching products from start to finish.

We want someone who has lots of experience in launching products and services into markets. We have aggressive sales and revenue targets so we need someone who can really drive the business. You will need to know how to strategically dominate the sales, dealers, shops and distribution in the market. You must be able to analyze market trends and behavior to strengthen existing business and create new business and sales opportunities.

  • You must enjoy leading and motivating large teams.

You will have great teams working for you with lots of expertise and local knowledge of the market. You must be able to lead and direct the teams.

  • Entrepreneurial talent

You must enjoy the opportunity of planning business strategies with the rest of the team and organization. You must be driven and always thinking about business opportunities for the company. Whilst mobile experience is important, we are also interested in someone with an entrepreneurial spirit to drive the business forward and to lead the market in both sales/distribution and marketing.

  • “Make it happen” mentality

You must be the type who can make it happen without huge resources and be able to creatively overcome barriers and obstacles. We are looking for commitment and performance and someone who does not accept the status quo when it can be further improved. This is an opportunity for a General Manager to take the company to the next leading level.